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Recently, I have another one of my new theories about life. I’ve noticed that distracting tasks are anywhere from 3-10 times more enjoyable than usual when they help you procrastinate doing something else that you really don’t want to do.

Case in point, have you ever noticed how hard it is to wake up to go to work, even if you’ve got plenty of sleep that night? The blankets, the pillows, the comforter, the blow up do….whatever else you happen to have on your bed, they are anywhere from 3-10 times as comfortable. It takes the will power of Chuck Norris to get out of bed sometimes. I wish my bed were a magical flying bed that I can just ride into work. I’ll be sure to leave the house 15 minutes early so that I can float by the Apple store each and every morning and scream “magical MY BUTT!”

We have all done it; find other things to do when a big paper is due the next day. A 5 page paper that should take 3-5 hours ends up taking 12 or more, and basically all you are doing is spending time on Facebook and Twitter for the first 7 hours, and really spending only 3-5 hours writing your paper. Once I figured this out, I became 2-3 times as productive. I began to leave only 1 hour per page I needed to produce before I had to leave the house to go to class. No longer was I wasting time finding out how awesome web based flash games were or how great old Strongbad episodes were. Instead, I was spending more time actually doing my papers due to being worried and stressed out about how little time I had left to do it. Instead of staying up into the wee hours to finish my paper like I used to, I started going to bed 8 hours before the time at which I had to get up to begin my paper to have the bare minimum allocated time required to complete it.

Oddly, I recall getting out of bed on those mornings to be 3-10 times more difficult.

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