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Room Cleaning – 10% complete (thats a lot!)

So after I got 3 humongous boxes recently that I have to store in my room for about 2 weeks, I was pretty strongly motivated to clean up my room. Keep in mind my room now has about 10 years worth of school papers and mail I have to sort through to see which ones I need to keep, which ones I recycle, and which ones need shredding.

First thing I did was borrow my dads huge buff shredder. Apparently some shredders can shred DVD’s – this one can puree a brick. The top part alone with the motor must weigh like 30lbs.

There is a huge list of things to do to completely clean my room, after/if I complete everything, my room would be completely transformed. Keep in mind I have been pack ratting huge stacks of paper and some boxes roughly on and off for nearly 10 years (with small mostly unsuccessful attempts to clean up thrown in here and there). There was basically 5 huge (and I mean HYUUUGE) stacks of paper that I know about in my room as well as organizing one of those clear drawer case container things, cleaning up wooden cart/rack space full of crap, and sorting out stuff under my bed. Oh, and cleaning up wires under my computer and one more smaller box I forgot about with some papers and boxes in it too. Once everything I just listed is cleaned, I would have to clean my roughly 10 spindles of backup CDs and DVDs, and clean up my harddrive (virtual organizing). Now, let me tell you, cleaning up data is a HUGE, ABSOLUTELY MASSIVE undertaking. This alone could be equal to cleaning my entire room TWO times or more.

There is a lot more things I’d like to do before I’d be 100% satisfied. I’d like to reposition my amplifier for my speakers so that it takes up less or no floor space, throw away my radio which I never use (its a hi-fi radio, so its huge!), reposition my gaming consoles and maybe consolidate to only one console (probably the PS2) instead of 2 (SNES being the other). I also would like to get rid of my plastic container drawer thingy entirely if I could by either throwing away stuff inside, or moving the contents I REALLY want to keep into space I freed from my other drawers. I forgot to tell you, but I had a lot of success cleaning up some drawers lately as well! I still have 2 to go out of 4 total, so halfway there on the drawers – they aren’t a big deal by comparison anyway. I also want to get rid of my huge tall wooden shelf like thing in the corner of my room by clearing the stuff I don’t need off of it (another “stash” to sort through).

Also need to sell a bunch of stuff. Need to sell whatever text books I have left that are worth anything, and throw away the rest unless I have a strong interest in the subject. I think its safe to throw all of them away if they have no market value, as I haven’t touched any of them in YEARS. Not to stop at text books, I need to sell everything I have that I don’t use but has value, and throw away or give away the rest. I need to gather all my electronics I’d like to throw away so I can go to the next free electronics recycling event at ocean beach. I want to be ready for it so I can just bring a buttload of stuff at the next one and be rid of more crap. I also don’t think I need a clock anymore, I’d probably use my iPhone or iPad in its place, in a dock to show the time. Why have extra crap when you have something else you’re going to keep that can cover the same functionality?

Let me tell you a little bit about my plushies that I have. I’ll be getting rid of my Pikachu plushie in the ultimate scheme of things. Unlike all my other plushies, Pikachu has the least emotional value, is the poorest quality, the ugliest, due to being flattened over the years, and is actually bleeding (has a hole in the neck, with stuffing visible). Unlike my 3 other plushies I will keep (a snoopy, an Eyore, and a small monkey, all of which were gifts), Pikachu is the only plushie I actually ASKED for (I suppose Pikachu was a gift too..). My Pikachu actually has a name, although it is often forgotten “Jello”. Funny enough, its the only plushie I own that has a name other than the default name (such as “Snoopy”, “Eyore”, or “Gumby”). Eliza, if you’re reading this, you actually gave me the Eyore and as I recall its from Disney World.

Back to the room, nearing the 100% mark soon after finishing a few more things on my checklist. I actually want to get rid of the wooden rack space thing in the corner of my room. The plan is the same as my clear container drawer thingy which is to clear off and throw away sell whatever the stuff currently taking up space on it, keep the things I really want to keep or need, and put those in areas where I cleared space such as my drawers.

I also want to get rid of my subwoofer. Although I built my own subwoofer from scratch (the amp and driver are obviously pre-made), and I am pretty proud of it, I do not use it at all, and its big and heavy and takes up a lot of space. While I did pay about $250 for the materials (MDF wood, sealing rubber, glue, spikes, screws, nuts, bolts, braces, stuffing, panel dampner, decorative wood vinyl…) it is still a waste of space if I am not using it at all. It pumps out good bass actually and really shakes things up if you want some oomph. Maybe I can work out some way to hook it up and have it “fit” nicely into my cleared up room.

Although buying new things would be a nice option to have in clearing up my room, I’m going to try to minimize purchases and work with what I already have. Even so, there are a few MUST HAVE things I am considering. First thing I will need to clear up my wiring is a surge protector. Not so much for the surge protection, but for the extra outlets it provides. I’ve actually been passively shopping for one for the past year, but every one I see in stores these days are ugly! What happened to the good looking ones from 5 years ago that were FAR (free after rebate) from stores like office max? Of course, if needed, I’ll need extension cables…to route wires along the walls whenever possible and not straight through the room like I have now (I once fixed this, but my mom came into my room while I was in Japan and messed it all up and put the big wooden rack space thing in the corner of my room without my permission). Next I think I really need to get an all in one WIRELESS printer that can do scanning, printing, and faxing – WIRELESS is the key feature here, because this allows you to put the printer anywhere you can get a power cable to it (and telephone cable if you want fax functionality). I think getting rid of my current printer and replacing it with a wireless all in one printer outside my room would be a great solution, and not only that, printers are MUCH cheaper than when I bought my previous one to the point that a good Canon all in one without fax is $30-50, and including fax is $70 from Frys, meaning it might be even cheaper online!

Finally, (at least I think so…) I also need to clean up my clothing. I have a bunch of clothes that I can’t or won’t wear. Why in the WORLD do I still have them!? I don’t even have a closet, and not only do they take up a lot of space, but they make it harder for me to search for the clothing that I actually wear. I actually have clothing in odd places in my room because I have no closet and no clear place to put them. I currently use a big box against the wall and just stack my most worn clothing on the top of that box (which btw, is overflowing to where my stack is 3 times as high as the height of the box). While I don’t really mind the box solution, the bottom of it is full of clothing I don’t use, and its just a used cardboard box…which I repaired like 2 times with layers and layers of duct tape. I think it would be reasonable to get a nice STRONG metal or wood box with a nice clean aesthetic to replace it. Finally, I would like to replace my current clothing hamper (is it called hamper? The tallish rectangular container where you put in dirty clothing, usually made of plastic?). Right now I use an old one that might actually be older than me. Again, I’d like to invest in a good, STURDY strong one to put dirty clothes into, and preferably fits into a bigger container with wheels for wheeling down to the laundromat, since I don’t have in room laundry machines.

Once all that is done, I’d say I’d be 100% done with room clean up. It would be pretty dramatic. If I could even do just the first couple paragraphs though, I’d consider it 50-75% done. The last 25% is “ideal” and would probably take months without extreme focus, motivation, and dedication. If lucky, best case scenario I could do it in 1 month if I spent 40 hours a week on it like a full time job.

One thing I wanted to add just for self-notes. New compact battery charger and maybe 12 or so Sanyo Eneloop “1500” AA batteries. Get rid of huge old charger and old batteries that don’t even hold a charge.

This would almost be like organizing my entire life it would be such a huge project and accomplishment. I’m getting hopeful as I’ve made the most progress I have ever made in the last ~10 years (9 years to be exact).

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  1. eliza
    August 11th, 2010 at 09:30 | #1

    no! pikachu! i know exactly which one you are talking about bc a while ago you took pics of your macs and it was in the pic. oh well, if it’s old, guess time to let it go.

    i remember the eyore! wasnt it like a baby version? i think?

  2. gxcad
    August 17th, 2010 at 18:51 | #2

    Yeah it was a baby version I think. Its small.

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