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New Monitor that I’m playing Dragon Quest 8 on!

October 16th, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Been a bit unproductive lately, but not out of motivation. I should at least try to keep posting updates though. I think some part of me is insisting on quality updates with at least some length, when in fact that is clearly not required :/

I do want to post more Youtube videos. In fact, just a week ago or so, I made a video, finished editing it and everything, and my computer REBOOTED while it was rendering and I lost all the edits, which made me cancel that video. The major problem being that I have a pretty old computer that is pretty slow by todays standards, and a camcorder that takes very good (read: very large files) footage! You would think I could use that camcorder and take lower quality shots right? WRONG! I can only record in HD. Period. I am actually considering making videos until I get a better computer by recording with my iPhone! Which btw, takes surprisingly good video. Really!

If I do update with a new video, I’ll be sure to post about it here too! Maybe I won’t even mention which camera I decided to take it on, and see if anyone notices?

Recently, I bought another big screen monitor with a large resolution. For those who don’t know, until June I used a 30 inch Apple Cinema Display, but I sold it right before I went to Japan (along with my Mac Pro…). When I came back, all I had was my 2006 model 15 inch Macbook Pro, and its built in 15 inch screen (which is not that great honestly…). I bought a reasonably priced 22 inch Dell, and after using a 22 inch screen for about a month, I finally found a good deal and bought the screen I had my eye on, which is the Dell U2711. Its a top of the line 27 inch monitor, so compared to other 27 inch computer monitors, it has a better picture quality, and a very high 2560×1440 resolution. Without getting too technical on you guys, its considered to be one of the best 27 inch LCD out right now. What made me switch from Apple is 2 reasons. The first and biggest reason is that Apple released their 27 inch screen as I anticipated (which is why I sold my 30 inch Apple in June, since I thought the value would decrease after the new one is out) and well, it was a big disappointment because its SO REFLECTIVE. In daylight the reflections really bother me. The other is that the Dell has a lot of connection options so I can easily hook up my Playstation 2 to play games on my monitor, which I’ve wanted to do since I switched to an LCD from my old CRT (CRT = tube style monitor).

So recently I got back into playing Dragon Quest 8 on my PS2, which I haven’t played for a year or two now. I really love this game! For those of you not familiar with Dragon Quest, it is a famous role playing game genre game in Japan. In fact, it is practically a religious experience in Japan, with Dragon Quest release days being REQUIRED to be on weekends due to the traffic and unproductively it causes in the country. If you think I am exaggerating, go google it. Unlike the Final Fantasy series (also hugely popular), the Dragon Quest series is more cartoony with vivid, over saturated colors. The characters are drawn by the same artist that drew the dragonball series, so they look extremely similar, which I like. The battle system is extremely classic turn based battle, only refined over the years with prettier graphics and subtle improvements and depth. The world map is really pretty and vast! And this is on PS2, so I’m really looking forward to if they ever make a Dragon Quest for PS3. Actually the next Dragon Quest (DQ10) is planned for release on the Wii, and 9 was released for the DS, unfortunately. If Dragon Quest is released for Wii and Final Fantasy 13 for the PS3, I would be torn over which console to go with!

With that said, I think I might go play some more Dragon Quest 8 right now!

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