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Giants win! Giants win!! And iMac or hackintosh?

November 2nd, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

…Aaaand actually I’m not as excited as I thought I would be. I was really into the Giants playoff run back in 2002 (which they were SO close to winning…sigh…) and I honestly think I would of been excited out of my mind had they pulled it off 8 years ago. I am happy they won this year, but the excitement I feel is really already died down. Its probably because I gave up on the giants and all bay area sports in general after an abysmal last 2-3 years (and don’t even get me started on the Warriors…). I generally can watch almost any sport and enjoy it (exceptions off the top of my head being golf, billiards, and bowling…which I have heard they pay the audience to make noise). I only started to notice the Giants very late on in this year when they started seriously chasing the 1st place spot. At the time, it was a long shot that they would make the playoffs with so much competition and down by a lot. I guess you never know.

I’ve been wanting to build a new computer lately. I guess I should say GET a new computer, since I might get an iMac – which is an all-in-one computer. Basically, its just a screen and everything is inside, no separate boxes, as shown above. While I think I won’t mind a little bit more clutter from wires, the iMac also can be controlled by a nice compact Apple remote, and has the camera built in. I also wouldn’t have to do any hacking, since it is a Mac. The downside is that the iMac would require extra money costing gadgets to be able to play Playstation on the same screen, and also that the screen is SO SHINY that it bothers me. I don’t even know how to ask for advice since the pros and cons are so opinionated.

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