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An early few new years resolutions

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I want to share with you guys a few early new years resolutions I would like to make:

Honestly, overall, 2010 has been a ‘slump’ year for me, if that is even possible. You know how you feel as if some years are better than others, whether it be because of something you accomplished, someone(s) you met, or just a plain hard to explain feeling good about yourself over the year. For me, 2000 and 2001 were notable good years, and so was 2006. That doesn’t mean the others were bad, but I feel like those were good, and I happen to remember thinking that during those years. As it is now less than one moon to ending the first decade of the millenium and about to begin the next, I feel as if I need to take it upon myself to get myself out of this feeling of minor life slump and back to extremely awesome as usual.

One problem I’ve had at many points in my life is confronting other people. What does this mean? And no, I haven’t seen a double rainbow recently or smoked a pillar sized joint either. What I mean by confronting people is just simply approaching them or engaging in an interaction – whether its just a nod, a “hi”, or starting a short conversation. I often think twice about engaging with another human being. I avoid making phone calls for no reason I can think of, sometimes I don’t ask for something I want, don’t ask for directions that I need (which stereotypically is a male problem as well), don’t IM or post replies to people if I feel like I don’t know them well enough, and sometimes don’t talk to girls that I want to talk to. Admittedly, I KNOW for a FACT that the majority of the population is like me, especially if you’re a guy wishing to converse with an attractive lady(ies). That doesn’t mean or excuse me from not being like that. So I want to new years resolve (??) that I will engage interaction with other people whenever and wherever I feel like. There is no reason you should be afraid of other people in normal situations unless you feel a physical danger by engaging in interaction with them, since they are people too. The one exception I can currently think of for this if you want to make a good impression to a lady then the fear of failing will scare people. I think this is similar for the ladies as well, but seriously, no guy in their right mind should NOT want to talk to you unless you are a stuck up bitch. How often do you see a guy bragging about how few women they know? And if they are, they are generally failing at life. Just sayin’

You know, I may just make this a topic theme for December blog posts, since I can already think of 1 or 2 more resolutions that I would like to …resolve (is that even correct!?).

While I am at it, I would like to resolute another thing, and that is fitness. For people that know me well, you probably know that I do not like going to the gym. Its boring, and it smells bad, and you have to change clothing because you would look silly working out in street clothing…maybe. I’d still do it though because I just like street clothing and I don’t believe there is a rule against working out in street clothing at a gym. Anyway, point is, I’m very unfit right now. That doesn’t mean I want to start going to a gym, because I really don’t. I don’t desire to have guns the size of sewer pipes, as long as they are bigger than my buff lady friends, thats good enough. My arms are a pretty sad size right now, but they get bigger really fast. If I did 20 pushups once a day for a week, they would grow substantially. Thats all I desire in terms of ‘guns’. I do however, wish I was more aerobically fit. That means I want to be more cardiovascularly (real word?) fit, and activities I like to do that would probably make me more fit in that area is virtually any active sport (not golf or bowling, although I enjoy those as well) but what I mean is sports like basketball, snowboarding, tennis, biking, and even just power walking. I used to be EXTREMELY fit back in my senior year of high school. I don’t need to be that fit, but I’d like to be fit enough to where I could confidently say that I am fit.

Being on time. Ever since I became responsible for my own on time arrival to anything, I’ve had a chronic, dare I say genetic problem with being on time. I say genetic because my dad is just as bad as me at being on time to anything unimportant. Yes, I actually can be extremely prompt to anything important, such as a job interview or…a job, or to a very strict professors lecture. I don’t see that changing, because this is not only been a new years resolution for me nearly every year of my memorable life, but probably every week of my life. Nonetheless, it would be a significant accomplishment if I could achieve noticably better on time performance for non critically important things, such as meeting friends or sticking to a schedule. Actually, scratch the schedule, since I never make schedules. And I’m OK with that, no need to resolve there. I wish I was more on time in the interest of convenience to those that expect me to be somewhere at certain times, and to improve my own image as someone who can be depended on to keep his word. While I do consider myself to be extremely responsible at keeping my word (and I am careful to not make too many promises that I may not be able to keep), one area I’ve always (and constantly) wanted to improve is my on time performance. Which brings me to another point…

I have obsessive compulsive problems that make me take longer than another person may at things. A very good example of this is that I often write extremely long blog posts (such as this one) and then go back and correct things I want to say way too much in the interest of self satisfaction and quality of writing. The issue is this: THIS IS A BLOG, NOT AN ENCYCLOPEDIA BRITTANICA ARTICLE. I should ignore minor typos and gramatical mistakes I discover later and spend waaaay too much time correcting or tweaking. What I want to get to at the core of my OCD is this: I want to be able to keep 80% of the quality of my work and do it in 20% of the time. This is a ratio I actually learned in a book by Tim Ferris called “The 4 hour work week” which btw is a New York Times bestseller, and I personally think it is a fantastic book that possibly has changed my life. In fact, it is only 1 of 2 books I have read all year since I graduated college in a PREVIOUS year. The other book, for those curious, is called “The Game”, but thats another story for another time.

I wish I was more motivated and more competitive. As it is, I don’t care whether I win or lose at ANYTHING. Ok, thats not even close to true, but it IS true that I am MUCH less competitive than the majority of the population. I’ve always taken this as a strength in my being that I don’t feel I need to prove myself by being better than somebody else at something, and I think that is true, but nonetheless, being uncompetitive leads to less motivation to accomplish anything. And I happen to like accomplishing things. I like to believe that I am REASONABLY good at a LOT of things, but not exceptionally good at any one thing. If I had to choose one thing that I felt I was exceptionally good at, it is building and maintaining computers. I also believe I am extremely approachable and likable online – in other words, I am ‘good’ at chatting…if that is even possible. I am equally capable of being the same person in real life, since this is not some false alter-ego I created to try to be cool and accepted. Online I be myself and in my experience, people flock to me. Somehow I am not as consistently ‘this’ me in person, but it is there and it is still the real me. Did that make any sense? I believe (and adopted this belief quite recently, I might add) that everything is good in moderation. The same goes for competitiveness. I think being TOO competitive is bad, since you’ll go nuts if you are not better at something than someone, and there will ALWAYS be someone out there that is better than you at any one thing, since there is so many people out there to begin with. The odds are against you! Similarly, and back to my problem, is that I am too LITTLE competitive (caps is for emphasis, and has very little to do with ‘little’. If anything, its an oxymoron, and I think I know what oxymoron means, and I think I’m using it correctly). I think its healthy to be a little competitive and genuinely try to be better than someone else at some things. The crazy and hypocritical thing about me saying this as one of my resolutions is that I’m already at a 1600 word count on this post (or more), it is 5:20am as I type this, and I just thought of one more resolution that I wish to resolute in a following paragraph. Sigh.

So, I going to try to make this my last resolution of tonight before I hit the bed, and that is my desire to…have better sleeping habits? While that is true, that is not what I was thinking of. I have actually forgotten! Haha! I also want to swear less, and cut down on using the word ‘gay’ negatively or the word ‘god’ particularly in the phrase ‘Oh my god!’. But again, neither of those are the one I was thinking about. Gosh! I wish I could remember!

Never mind then, I’ll save it for a possible future post, if I ever recall it.

I’d ask you what you plan on for your new years resolutions, but I actually think new years resolutions are better prepared when you want to prepare them, and not force yourself to make them at new years or when people ask you. The same way I believe presents should be given when you want to give presents, and not necessarily on birthdays, valentines, and of course, Christmas. Although, I actually think its nice to give and receive gifts on Christmas. By the way, I remembered one of the resolutions I wanted to talk about. I think it was the final topic I wanted to cover, but it might be an alternative. Either way, I want to talk about it and funny enough I talked myself into remembering, because it is about consumerism!

As my hopefully final resolution I want to mention tonight, I want to become less of a consumer. Sure, it is said that consumerism is good because it helps the economy, but I still think not being too drawn by material goods that we likely do not need has many more benefits as a habit than loving to shop. I like to think I’d rather spend money on experiences than material goods. I have too much crap as it is (borderline swear, but I think its okay…) and I’ve been on a selling FRENZY in the last couple weeks. My reasoning is this: The earth has limited resources. The population is ever increasing, and almost everybody wants people to spend more and more money so that the economy gets bigger and bigger. Notice I didn’t say BETTER just bigger. As the stock markets reach new highs and we supposedly make more money from the BETTER economy, the cost of things increase as well. Suppose we made $10 an hour 2 years ago and that was the cost of going to a movie. Now that the economy is better, we might make $12 an hour, but due to inflation, the cost of a movie has also gone up to $12. Is this really a BETTER economy!?!? Of course, its only a theory, but just tag along and hear me out here. To increase the economy, we are supposedly getting people to spend more money. Sometimes it might be that we are getting people to pay more for the same goods (inflation?), but sometime it may be because we are selling MORE MATERIAL GOODS (and of course, services, but services on their own do not use resources). If a woman had 120 pairs of shoes (sorry…lol) that were made of plastic (just imagine okay?) and that helped the economy, that also means we created 120 pairs worth of plastic to make those shoes. If the shoes were perfectly bio degradable, I’m sure it’ll just go back into the natural cycle of resources, much in the same way that it rains, we use water, and it evaporates to rain again. The problem is the products we created (and we do create a lot of these type of products) that do not go back into the natural recycling system for hundreds if not THOUSANDS of years! Anyway, this is not a carefully planned out paragraph and is basically typed out on the fly from ideas I get as I’m typing, but don’t you see some truth in that? Rather than spew more unorganized points at you, let me link you to a fantastic and inspiring video I have seen on the subject, which was pointed out to me by a beautiful and very awesome person that I am a fan of on the internet named Shelyn (If you ever read this Shelyn, thanks for tweeting this!):

Good night.

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