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A day in the life of meeee!

January 29th, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Hey everyone!

Today is Friday! What did you do today? As for me, I started the day by getting up at the sane hour of 10am. Since I am currently self employed only, I’ve gotten the bad habit of getting up at noon or even slightly later. I feel like 10am is a more reasonable time to get up and be fresh and productive with plenty of sunlight hours.

That said, did I really get much done? Short answer is yes, but only because of the big update post I just finished on my tech blog. Gonna just do a quick day recap.

Started the day a bit earlier than I’m used to, read about the market for a couple of hours on finance.google.com (probably one of my most frequently visited website lately). I’ve been eyeing this one stock called YOKU which recently IPOed. Long story short (long story available on the very same post I just mentioned), I ended up buying them and am now part owner of Youku.

Discovered that if you wake up earlier than you are used to, you still get hungry earlier than you are used to. Made myself my favorite avocado and natto with rice dish. I must of been either really hungry or out of it, because before I knew it, I ate all the natto mixed rice without even touching the avocado, which I must say is a rare occurrence for me.

Was gonna go down to SOBA today (SOBA = SOuth BAy A.K.A. San Jose area) but had a sudden change in plans, so ended up staying home. Good thing too, since I checked my books on half.com to realize 2 of them have been sold now for over 4 days lol so I rushed out to send them today (I should ship within 3 at the latest, at least normally…). The good news is I sold a couple book that had no value to me whatsoever and will get ~80% of the selling price (the rest goes to half.com commission and postage since their postage compensation is NEVER enough and they even take their 15% cut OUT OF THE POSTAGE!? I THINK!? I’m pretty sure they do!

My awesome packaging:

I also applied to go back to school. Thinking about taking ethical hacking course for beginners. I took the instructor before, and he is awesome. Problem is, I JUST applied to go back today, got confirmation too, but the semester has already been started for nearly 2 weeks…HAHA! Hopefully there is space in the class because if there is, technically I would have only missed one class if I go tomorrow (and will be a bit more than that behind in obtaining the textbook, unless the book is purchasable as an iPad compatible ebook). The class I want is a Saturday morning class so I really should be sleeping like…1 hour ago LOL this is bad.

Ok bi.

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