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Excited about video games!

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I figure its time for an update. The last time I posted was also when I updated my tech blog as well. Perhaps this will turn into a good trend for frequent updates. While I wanted to update every week over there, I feel I did well by not spilling over 2. Hopefully next time it’ll be 7 days or less, although I don’t want to overexert myself at the same time. Perhaps I should instead update once a day, but with smaller updates. Tech moves along fast enough that a summary every week may not be enough.

I’ve decided to try to get RSS feeds working on my blogs. I don’t know as much about RSS as I should, but I am pretty sure it is a method of “subscribing” to updates – which would be a useful way to keep an audience alerted of my site should they choose to do so. I am hoping I would make it easy to understand how to use RSS to my readers, as well as make it easy to subscribe to my feed. Hopefully I’ll start implementing this later this week.

While I was driving, I saw a double rainbow!! Sorry I forgot to take the video in landscape -.-

Still cool though!

I’m thinking of selling my iPad soon, since the iPad 2 is imminent, and I think it would hurt the market value of my current iPad. Hopefully I can sell my current one for nearly what I got it for and then hold that money and use it to pay 80%+ the cost of the next iPad. I was really looking forward to the double resolution screen, but in all honesty I think it’ll be unlikely until at least iPad 3. Nonetheless, I know somehow Apple is going to make me want the iPad 2 so, might as well get ready. For what its worth, I am also planning on selling my iPhone 4 in May, although that one is a bit harder to work with, since I would have to wait for an unlock again, it is a device I use everyday, and the iPhone release cycle is a lot more famous so everyone knows to expect a new iPhone around the June/July timeframe.

I’m also excited about Final Fantasy Versus 13! I don’t even have a PS3 but I haven’t been this excited about an upcoming game (far FAR in the future) since Dragon Quest VI! I remember for Dragon Quest VI, I used to have a world map torn out of an issue of weekly jump magazine in Japan and just take it out and study it in anticipation of the game. I even had my grandparents in Japan stand in line and buy it for me as soon as it came out so I had it within a couple of week of release! If you didn’t know, Dragon Quest realeases cause hysteria in Japan and VI was no different. I believe the game was one of the most expensive I have EVER bought, at around $120 at the time (12,000yen) which back in 1995 was quite the sum of money for ONE SNES game. Granted, games in Japan cost more on average than SNES games in the USA, with the most expensive SNES game in the USA that I could recall was Chrono Trigger for $79.

Anyway, I am very fond of RPG’s with beautiful graphics, especially scenery. Not to be mistaken with detail, beautiful graphics usually mean nice colors and expansive environments. My current favorite RPG of all time in the graphics department is Dragon Quest 8. The world map is simply stunning and better than any other world map I have ever encountered (exclude MMOs please). It is truly fun to walk around and explore the vast world of Dragon Quest 8. I Final Fantasy Versus 13, I am expecting the same, since one of the people familiar with the game described the world map as “truly vast” and expansive, with tons of exploration. Recently, Square Enix (the developers of the game) released a new trailer that shows off some of the world map, and I was beyond impressed! It feels like a more realistically colored and updated to be more detailed map compared to Dragon Quest 8, but otherwise similar to what I was hoping for! I really missed the world map in a lot of recent RPGs such as Final Fantasy X. They probably do this because it is much more difficult to create a full 3D world map compared to back in the days, but it is still sad that there is less environments to explore because they are harder to create. Anyway, I’ll embed the new trailer below:

I am still deciding whether to buy the Xbox360 or the PS3, with the Wii as a very distant 3rd possibility. The PS3 is recently leading, as I found out that Sony will probably offer a premium PSN service. One of my main concerns before was the lag I experienced playing Street Fighter 4 on PSN at my friends house. The same friend told me there is much less lag on the Xbox Live network, which costs money to play. To me, Street Fighter 4 is not as big of a deal as Final Fantasy Versus 13, but it was the only difference between the 2 systems since both systems have every game I want so far (Versus 13 is still up in the air, though it is confirmed for PS3). The Xbox360 also has the Kinect, which is considered the best out of current generation motion sensing technologies, but again I don’t think this is a huge deal for me, and PS3 has the guaranteed eventual release of Versus 13, which is a key KEY game for me.

Another reason I leaned towards PS3 lately is because I realized in Star Ocean the last hope, there is several DVD’s for the game that you have to swap once in a while as you play. In the PS3 version, you have one Blu-ray disc that contains all the data, eliminating the need for disc swapping. And finally, my friends all say the PS3 controllers are better, and I prefer the design of the PS3, plus I am Japanese so I feel ever so slightly better about supporting a Japanese company. Plus, the PS3 seems to be better hacked at this point, which may be interesting at some point. All of these recent thoughts have tilted my current preference towards the PS3, for now. I won’t actually be buying a 7th gen console until I can get a solid job, though.

Last Sunday I walked downtown with my friend after we parked a good 20-30 min walk away. Partially for exercise, and partially because there was no parking in downtown. At one point, we walked by a house with a VERY RED paint job, so we both took cell pics (below). We ended up eating at Ajisen, a respectable ramen chain in Japan that has recently made its way to the Bay area. Or so we thought, the Ramen was most disappointing. The strange thing is that I just had Ajisen ramen a week prior to that at the Fremont location and it was A LOT better, and I recall being very impressed with that one. I guess the taste is not consistent in this chain.

Note: The photo above is from Tokyo Shinjuku Ajisen.

At the end of the day we saw a real life Seinfeld as 2 cars were fighting over a parking space with both refusing to budge. One was halfway in the space and so was the other, just as you would picture it, at the end of a block. We didn’t stick around long enough to see the exciting conclusion, but there were people in their apartments yelling their votes “Hooondaaa!!” and such.

Until next time.

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