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Investing, cool car, and pirating things

So, as some of you may or may not know, I’m currently unemployed…. Admittedly, I have enough income to live without working. OK, so thats not going to last forever…probably. My income source is actually investing. I’ve been successful at investing enough that I’ve been able to support myself and break even for the last 10 months or so. Although I could be watching streaming stock quotes, I would really like to get a proper job soon. I have been looking for a proper job, but I think I need to turn it up a notch and apply to even more jobs.

So I took a break from the computer today to go out for a walk. I really should be taking advantage of my area more, since I live in a REALLY nice area in my opinion. Today I was walking around and I saw a fully electric car called the Tesla Roadster. I snapped a couple photos of it, one of which is below:

The quality of the iPhone 4’s camera never ceases to impress me. I mean, for a phone camera, that is. It is not as good as a dedicated point and shoot, but its still pretty darn good! Oh and if you look carefully, you can actually see me in the reflection of the bumper taking the snap. You’ll probably want to click on the photo and see the full size version for that, though.

Finally, I just had this thought today as I was trying to find an anime I wanted to watch. The problem was, even if I wanted to pay to watch the anime, there was nowhere to do so, and only DVD’s to order from online stores. On the other hand, I was able to find a link to download the anime with excellent quality in both video, as well as subtitle quality for free in about 5 minutes. So basically, it is MUCH easier to pirate content than to purchase content lately, at least for some things. I don’t believe its the worst thing you can do to pirate content that is otherwise not even available for sale in your area.

On the other hand, if you COULD purchase something (such as a program or movie), but instead spent 10 times as much effort to get it for free, then maybe you should reconsider things, not to mention you’d be doing the ‘right’ thing.

Oh, and Nintendo seem to have started feeding info to the public about a successor to the Wii. Not enough info available at this early stage to make it interesting to me. I’m still waiting for Final Fantasy 13 Victorias Secret edition (Final Fantasy VS 13) before I decide which 7th generation console (360 or PS3) to purchase, if at all. The 2 games I’m looking forward to the most are FF13VS and Dragon Quest X. Even though Dragon Quest X will be a Wii exclusive, I may be able to get away without having to buy the console using the Dolphin emulator, which I hear is actually amazingly good.

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