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iPhone update mere hours away – my predictions


I wanted to get my predictions for the next iPhone announcement ‘public’ before it is released, just to see how accurate I was. Since it is going to be revealed in mere hours, here are my predictions (and a few for further in the future):

iPhone 5:
16 and 32gb, A5 dual core, NFC, 8mp camera, design similar to a small iPad 2. 4 inch screen, same 960×640 resolution (future prediction – unifying res with iPad – for example 1024×768 on a 4 inch screen results in ‘retina’ resolution of over 300ppi). Black and White front, silver aluminum back. 1gb of RAM.

iPhone 4S: Nearly identical design as iPhone 4, 8gb, black and white, NFC, single core processor but faster. Everything else identical to iPhone 4. Antenna issue ‘tweaked’.

Oops, forgot an obvious new feature: 1080p video recording @30fps. Both models. 4S will be single core but faster than original 4.

Lets find out soon!

  1. Jun
    October 6th, 2011 at 17:26 | #1

    Pretty good predictions, but the iPhone 5 specs turned out to be on the 4S

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