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Are my old online habits and kicking grounds dying?

Today I’m in a sort of a Internet nostalgia mode. It all started when I was on Facebook and I decided to look up one of my first internet friends ever whom I haven’t spoken to in what I guess to be around 10 years. Of course there isn’t even a single person in this entire world that knew I knew a person like this. Back in the early days of AIM (and I’m talking version 1.0 here folks…) we used to message people randomly a lot more.

The internet was cool but at the same time there was very little to do and not even a whole lot of websites that update often. The average individual had a 56k connection and an extra phone line devoted to just internet access if they were privileged. Nobody had their own website, let alone their own custom .com name. Well, I think this was the times when early “webspaces” such as crappy old geocities was just starting up. But I’m waaaay digressing.

I’ve met a few girls online in the early days of randomly messaging people. The retarded people I simply stopped messaging (after we had those warning wars – remember those?), but the cool ppl we’d keep in touch. In fact, at least a couple of these girls we talked for several years before we finally stopped talking to each other a little before the early days of social networks with Friendster and then Myspace shortly afterwards. So a few of them I learned where they live (roughly) and a little about what they do, what kind of friends they have, and some things about their family.

I happen to remember 2 of these girls full names, so today I decided I would search their name on Facebook. One of them didn’t really produce convincing results, but the other one is almost for certain the same girl I used to chat to on AIM. Mind you, I’ve never once met her or seen what she looked like, despite the fact that she used to live in the San Jose area. Remember back then I was much younger and didn’t have a car or any driving experience (nor did I have a license…). These days I can go to SJ whenever I want, in fact I was just in SJ yesterday LOL.

I haven’t yet received a reply, but I did send this girl a message very clearly stating I’m a old internet friend and some decent evidence that I really did know her back in the day. It made me thinking about who else I haven’t talked to in a while, and I remembered a more modern day internet friend that I made through Youtube, then she started interacting with me on my LJ (yeah, remember LJ??). Shes actually a recent enough friend that I’ve had her on Facebook for ages, but recently I don’t see her online anywhere, so I started sifting through google searches of her internet user name and found her old LJ.

From there I started going around LJ and its all pretty dead. I did however find a reasonably recent post from one of my friends and decided to leave a comment as I was shocked she even updated recently. I miss blogging, and since she gets almost instant notifications whenever anyone replies on her blog, she IMed me (another internet hobby of mine that is slowly going extinct, is Facebook seriously THAT all encompassing of our past internet habits??) I don’t even twitter anymore! Not that I was particularly fond of it to begin with, but it had its purposes, but I guess I just grew bored of it because I don’t really care what the celebs are up to leaving only people I personally know…who are also slowly abandoning or never used twitter to begin with.

But reading my friends slightly older blog entries was kinda…really fun. I read a few of my old blogs too and I just felt like I miss the times when blogging was popular. I like going back on my blog entries and reading them. There is often times things I’ve completely forgotten I’ve done, and unlike video blogging or photo blogging, just plain blogging is truly realistic to do every day with only a small amount of motivation (I’ve done it for over a month straight, and at a pretty consistent clip for long periods of time).

Which brings me to this blog. I have a lot of empty space to cover as the internet is very sparingly aware of what I’ve been up to these past 18 months or so. But even before that, I want to cover a trip I made to Japan back in 2008. Its true that I go back to Japan virtually every year, but this is the first (and still only) year that I actually travelled around Japan and really experienced it as a tourist.

Today I was going through a Japan trip album on one of my friends Facebook whom I also met essentially through Youtube. A lot of the places she went on her trip just this year were really similar to the places I went back in 2008. It was nostalgic, and it was good times. I actually have an enormous amount of videos I took on that trip that I originally intended for Youtube but it never made its way there just from laziness to edit all that. I really want to post it, but I don’t ever feel like posting it in the wrong season, even though its horribly out of date anyway. At least if I post it in summer, and you seem footage of me in Japan in Summer, it kinda matches, you know what I mean??

I’m gonna try to start blogging and vlogging a little more often. I’m not saying a lot, but at least once a week I’d like to post something on my blog and at least once a month on a vlog. But first, I’d really like to post those videos from my 2008 Japan trip, and that will require a lot more than once a month (try twice a week is more like it). I do actually have a reasonably fast computer compared to 4 years ago and a cool new video editing program that I have been told is really good for editing that I wouldn’t mind trying. It’ll be a fun little summer side project! I hope I can get into the rhythm and post those up this year.

Well, there is a lot more to say I mean I haven’t posted hardly anything for nearly 2-3 years overall, but I guess this is a good start, I’ve typed over 1100 words!

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