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Applying efficiencies that make businesses more successful into my own life

As you may or may not know, I now work a typical M-F 9-5 type of job. On any given weekday, chances are extremely great that I am at work, working. Unlike some tech jobs, my job requires my presence at the office. This means that consistently, at least 40 hours of my life are spent in an environment where I am much less likely to do the things that I want to be doing if I were given the choice. All that crap you just read is really just a super complicated way to say my free time is limited and precious.

Recently, I’ve been applying techniques we use to make businesses more efficient and therefore more likely to be successful, into my regular life. This basically means I want to be able to do things that I don’t particularly enjoy doing but have to do, using less time, such as laundry or shopping. For example, after some practice, I’ve learned the things I generally need to buy for one week, then I buy them all in one trip to the grocery store on Sunday, combining it with a trip to a Sandwich shop so I can buy 2 days worth of lunch (the sandwiches don’t really taste very good after 2 days). By doing this, I essentially have combined ~3 trips to the grocery store into one. The only problem being that I have to spend my precious Sunday time to do this, and my previous trips to the grocery store, more frequent as they were, were often on the way home from work, minimizing the amount of time I have to drive to almost nothing.

To improve this, I think I’m going to start trying to go to the Sandwich store before work on Wednesdays and go grocery shopping on the way home from work on Wednesdays. The reason I choose Wednesdays is because that is the least likely day for us to have a holiday, so its least likely to throw my schedule out of wack, and is also very unlikely I’ll hang out with friends or something after work, making me unable to stop and buy groceries. The only issue I see with this is the will power required to get up 30 minutes earlier to buy sandwiches on Weds morning, and that I’ll have to feed the meter since it is not Sunday. The upside is that the sandwiches will be fresher, and/or I may actually be able to buy 3 days worth of sandwiches. I know this is not the most interesting thing to read, but I get a small kick out of optimizing my life.

I’m also thinking about paying a shop to do my laundry for me. Since I don’t have the luxury of working less than 40 hours a week, time is valuable to me and is worth paying some money for to earn back.

Don’t get me wrong though, spending time with friends is something I love to do, and is definitely one of the furthest things I can think of from ‘wasting time’.

Oh and another thing is I’m going to start aggressively trying to get off work at 17:30 sharp, which is when I’m technically fulfilled my obligation. I way too often stay extra (for free at that) just to reach a good stopping point or do a good job. Really I should be able to stop at 8 hours sharp (not a minute before mind you) and leave and they really should not be able to complain about that. Only thing being since they got so used to me staying a bit extra they may notice and thing I’m not working as hard or something since I’d probably get less done and always seem like I’m leaving early.

Also, 3 different stocks I’ve all been eyeing since 1-2 week ago but didn’t pull the trigger and buy have all been performing phenominally the past 2-3 days (YOKU, IBM, and COP). All up 5-10% and in the case of COP also comes with a ~1.2% dividend (essentially another ~1.2% gain tacked on). Its kinda frustrating because I kept hesitating on one because I missed my chance on another. Now they are all up enough that the deal is no longer as good. Poo.

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