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Automatic response?

September 3rd, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

Sometimes, especially guys, will have an automatic response to girls, even if it is not true. I don’t really like it when it goes too far, but at the same time I kinda see where it comes from. I mean, I am all for being honest but one of those situations where you just cannot do that is when a girl wants to know if she looks good or not.

Most of the time, you will not get an honest answer from a guy because something triggers in the guys head that says “don’t even look, just pretend you looked and say something nice that is somewhat believable!”

If you ever noticed, at least for me (although I am a guy and probably don’t care as much…) it actually feels much better to be checked out from a member of the opposite gender (especially if they rank high on the attractive scale, for some reason) rather than be told that I, or something I am wearing maybe, looks good. Probably because I know people will tell me good things in general, whereas when people are being checked out, its generally not something that is done just to flatter people, but instead usually gets done because they really want to look at you because they think you look good.

On occasion, people will look at you for other reasons, but its generally not as hard to tell the difference between a look of curiosity and a look of wanting to look.

That said, although this is rare, if you hear a compliment from me and we are not even on that topic or you didn’t even fish for it, chances are it is true.

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