I’ve been slacking lately. First off, I’ve moved from LJ to my own website for my blogging purposes, and generally been playing around and touching up my site. Its actually quite fun, although frustrating at times :). Although I cannot remember exactly what was accomplished on day 7, I can safely say I got nothing done on day 6 or day 8 in terms of actually cleaning my room and very little on day 7, if anything.

As far as being productive, I guess I did get a working decent looking website now and a couple cool things on the sidebar like a twitter display, a shoutbox (which I’m not 100% happy with because it won’t send when hitting return – you actually have to click ‘add’). The shoutbox is not a big priority for me right now and at least it blends in visually, so it will do for now. Oh, I also installed forums LOL if anyone feels like going in there to post stuff, feel free. I am currently looking into adding a store section to the sidebar, just for fun and put random real things I have up for sale there through paypal LOL.

To be honest, 10 days ago gxcad.com was a proud domain name I held but with nothing more than a couple links to my other presenses on the web. So, its safe to say I’ve made a huge improvement to it. It is constantly a ‘work in progress’ but now is much more polished and adds a couple functions people can mess around with (not to mention easier on the eyes!). I will be transitioning to blogging on this site only which is easy to do now that my friends on LJ are much less active, making it less beneficial to stick around. It is also a lot easier for me to add content or mess with the page now that I have proper paid hosting (and some of you may notice I recently tweeted about how good $2 a month can get as far as web hosting). Well, that is actually how much I am paying (2 year contract mind you, but come on thats still only $47 or so). They are actually giving me a free 25 day trial or something like that, so I can cancel if I want really easily, which is really cool! I’m very happy with the hosting though, so I will definitely stay on board. If anyone wants to get paid hosting, and is interested in the one I use, let me know and if there is any referring bonus we can split it. Paid hosting make it a lot easier to get stuff working and is smoother and more reliable than the free host I used to use before. Although, for free, you really cannot complain, right?

I have 2 plans for tomorrow. One is to make a new video. Its not something I have to do, but I want to, and I SHOULD do it. The other thing, is to go to the bank. The video will be the focus, though. I better end here because to be honest it is 4:20am right now and I don’t want to stay up much longer.

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