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Goal of playing video games today

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So, I have been a dying gamer for many many years now. DON’T WORRY, I’m not actually dying! Just my gamingness is dying. When I was young, up until about high school, I used to be a heavy video gamer, and I was usually competitive in skill and time spent to the other kid gamers out there.

Over the last many years, the only games I play now are JRPGs on consoles (such as DQ8 for PS2 I talked about in an old old post on this blog), and occasionally Street Fighter 4 and Starcraft 2 socially. So, I bought a PS3 in 2011 and I was actually excited about it (and a major reason I bought it was the “guarantee” that FF13 Versus would come out on it, but sigh, now its coming for PS4 as FF15). Nonetheless, I bought a small collection of games for my PS3 now, including FF13, Street Fighter 4 Arcade, Star Ocean 4, Ni no Kuni, and recently Tales of Xillia. All of these games I’ve spent up to MAYBE 15 hours playing them, and thats a generous estimate I think.

Ni no Kuni sample shot

Ni no Kuni sample shot

Both Ni no Kuni and Tales of Xillia you could say I had high hopes for. Actually, to be correct, I should say I still HAVE high hopes for. I barely played either of them, and I bought them when they just came out at full price (~$59). So Ni no Kuni I played about 10 hours and I thought the graphics are pretty and I was kinda enjoying it, but for some inexplicable reason I put it down after just 2-3 weeks and haven’t touched it since. Now Ni No Kuni, less than a full year later, and barely played, is worth half what I paid if not less (not a big deal mind you, ~$30).

Tales of Xillia sample shot

Tales of Xillia sample shot

Getting back to Tales of Xillia, which is also a game I really looked forward to, I bought it when it just came out in America for ~$59 as with Ni no Kuni, but this time I Didn’t play it AT ALL! I didn’t even stick it in the slot (go ahead, make sexual jokes!) of the PS3! Granted, I got the limited edition with free limited DLC content, but thats still money that I could of waited and paid less NOW a full 4 months after the game was released, to buy essentially the same game (I might not even want/like the DLC afterall!). And FYI for people not familiar, DLC means downloadable content, and is usually things like special weapons or costumes, hardly a big deal most of the time).

So, with that, I’m going to start trying to play Tales of Xillia today, and maybe get back to Ni no Kuni when I’m done with Xillia, because these 2 JRPG are considered the best for the PS3. Although I also have FF13 and Star Ocean 4, I’m more interested in playing through Ni No Kuni and Xillia just because they appeal more to me based on videos and other promotional material, and because they are so highly rated. Good JRPG (especially with a world map) are hard to come by these days on the latest consoles!

I miss DQ8…wish there was an updated game that was just like it that is not MMO like DQ10 turned out to be…

Aaaaand I’m still supposed to try to get at least one Vlog posted before the end of the year. Today would be a good candidate for making one, but I can already sense its not going to happen. I better get on it soon.

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