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Hi I’m Ken. This is my website. When I am on the internet I am often on Youtube, making interesting how to videos, vlogs, or working on my own website. I have a small variety of websites within this one. Here is a quick rundown:

gxcad.com – my general blog. I talk about general stuff about my life or anything that doesn’t fit into the other topics here. I would say this is the only site I have that is actively being updated.

gxtech.gxcad.com – my tech blog. I talk about anything technology related, ranging from highly technical how-to blogs to simpler tech news and interesting topics. It has been pretty dead for over a year now, but I may decide to start posting there again someday…

forums.gxcad.com – forums where you can discuss anything you want, but please keep it appropriate LOL. This is currently disabled because spam bots have INFESTED it. 5000 members and only ONE of them is a legitimate human (me!).

store.gxcad.com – my online store where I sell random things. Yes, it has been under construction FOREVER, but if it is ever done, you WILL really be able to purchase things on there!

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